Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Cheong-Am Folk Museum

We had last Wednesday off school, due to the fact there was an election (having a day off for the election is a brilliant idea! I think we should do this in New Zealand!).

Because we weren't working on Wednesday, my co-teacher Jiyoun and another teacher friend Jo-ann (third grade English teacher) decided that we should have an evening out.

They decided to take me to the Cheong-Am Folk Museum, which reminded me a little of the Tawhiti Museum at home in Taranaki. There were a lot of display's about what life in Korea used to be like. Here's some photo's from our educational girls night out - it was actually pretty fun.

Is it too nerdy to find an educational night out fun?

Cute little carved figures.

Not sure what this rainbow cow has to do with traditional Korean culture, but I thought it was awesome.

With Jo-ann outside and old train carriage.

Yes - that guy in the back is using a traditional Korean toilet - Jiyoun thought this picture was hilarious!
With my co-teacher Jiyoun and some random Korean farmer.
Jiyoun told me in the late 70's and early 80's every pub and cafe in Korea had their own DJ. Apparently they were pretty "funky". Rock on.
Awaiting a shoe shine, maybe not.
With Jo-ann in the gardens of the museum.

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