Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hurrah for mail!

Yesterday I arrived home to a package from the UK and for a while I was puzzled. I couldn't remeber buying anything from the UK and I wasn't expecting anything from Conor and Sue so what could it be.

When I opened the package I realised it was a swap package from my partner in my friend Tille's simply delightful swap on her blog, She Waits for Whispers.

I recieved a whole bunch of useful stuff - lipgloss, a notebook, note pads, scarf and socks. Here's a view of 'most'of the goodies. However, my favourite thing was these handmade gift tags. Exceptionally cute.Also, here's the card that came with the loot, my partner Hosanna is especially envious of all the Korean food (and TV drama's) that I am surrounded by everyday! I wish I could post her some kimchi.


Tillie said...

oh hosanna is most lovely! Yay im really glad you loved it! how fun!

Hosanna said...

heeloooo :) hope you like the stuff! :) Hahhahaha