Thursday, June 17, 2010

Football World Cup madness!

The whole world seems to be in the grips of world cup madness right now! I'm obviously not at home in New Zealand but I imagine Wellington would have been crazy a couple of nights ago when we drew 1-1 with Slovenia. Things were certainly a little crazy in our little studio apartment and it's only the two of us.

According to my American friends, this means New Zealand won, I'm willing to accept this logic. Especially seen as it was out first world cup goal - ever!

But I'm sure no matter how crazy New Zealand is with football fever it's no match for South Korea. It seems here that people really love their football - Rich and I watched the first South Korea world cup match in a park in Gyeonju last weekend, South Korea won 2-0 to Greece and the crowd went wild. Every goal was followed by wild chants of "Dae Han Min Guk" and dancing.My kids have all gone totally football mad too, well, I should say more football mad than usual. Most of the journal entries I recieve at the moment read like this one.
Finally, there are so many K-pop football themed songs out at the moment, like this one called Kara. K-pop is horrible at the best of times and the World Cup has not provided enough inspiration to create a decent song.
Finally is this little video, it's sponsored by SK Telecom and meant to inspire Korean's to "Dream Again" - I think it's pretty awesome.


ThatDamnCat said...

Did I jsut read "Da han min kuk" on the paper? Hihi, In swedish, that means something.... ehm.... NSFW :P

Trees said...

That's quite funny! In Korean it's kind of the formal name for Korea which Korean's cheer at sports matches.

Sounds like it means something quite different in Swedish!