Monday, June 28, 2010

Movie Update - Movies 35 & 36

A while ago my mum sent me a few horror DVD's, including a Pet Sematary boxed set. Last night we watched the original Pet Sematary movie. It's been literally years since I watched this film but I still love it! I'm sure everyone knows the story - when things die and you bury them in the pet Sematary they come back to life but not quite as they were.

I love this movie, the crazy cat (well the living dead cat), the strange next door neighbour and the university student that the (doctor) father in the story tried to save after a horrific accident that follows him around on occasion to warm him about the pet semetary - not to mention the mothers deformed sister from her childhood that still haunts her memories. What's not to love? Plus the Ramones feature on the soundtrack. Awesome.

Keeping with the horror and cats theme is Cat People. In this movie, back in the day, there was a group of people that interbred with big cats - namely black pathers (I think) anyways speed forward to modern times (well the eightes). Nastassia Kinski is an orphan who had just found her long lost brother Malcolm McDowell - it turns out that their parents were "circus folk" and died before they could see theire children grow up.

The rest of the moving revolves around finding out exactly what cat people are and how Natassia Kinski deals with it all. Seen as it's seems that this brother and sister are the last of their kind.I really liked this gothic horror movie - unfortunately movies like this just don't seem to get made anymore. It's slightly off the wall and the music is amazing and it includes David Bowie in the soundtrack.Awesome.

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