Friday, February 13, 2009

Anti-Valentines Swap

Let's face it - if you have a bit of a dark nature like me and prefer skulls and coffins to rainbows and flowers valentines is a bit like hell on earth. Stuffed teddy bears from The Warehouse holding love hearts saying "I Wuv You" are enough to make me hurl! But as we have discussed before - I'm not like most girls.

Given my view of "traditional" valentines gifts, when Kat suggested that Crafty Foxes do and Anti-Valentine's craft swap I thought it was an absolutely brilliant idea.

He's the present I received from Kat it's a reasonable sized jewelery roll. Most women would be able to fit their jewelery in this roll - however - most women don't own over sized plastic Pac Man earrings. But I will be able to fit a LOT of jewelery in this baby when I am traveling.

My swap partner was Natalie, who had previously commented that she thought some of the subversive cross-stitch designed I'd stitched up were pretty cool. So I decided I'd make her an uber girly cross-stitch with a dark side. She said she is going to put it on her desk at work - I wonder how long it will be before people actually work out what it says?

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