Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Saturday Night

So on Saturday night, after a very long day at our course, we didn't feel like heading out.

We hadn't seen our friends Shelley and Ross for a while so they decided to come over and say hello - so what better occasion to make mini cupcake with orange icing.

Ross also came bearing gifts - the first was this cool but creepy fimo finger puppet guy that he bought for me from Craftstock (a craft fair for the attendee's of a computer geek conference that I didn't go to but Ross did so he bought me a present - yah!)
I also got a new pair of Nightmare before Christmas knee high socks. They were actually my Christmas present from Shelley and Ross that they bought for me when they were in the States last year and never got around to giving to me. Oh well better late than never - a Doc Martin wearing girl can never have too many pairs of knee high socks;)

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