Sunday, September 21, 2008

Vivia la lolly revolution!!

So I know for a fact, I live in a pretty apathetic country. Whilst people tend to vote in "relatively" high numbers in New Zealand for a western country, overall, people don't take too much interest in politics unless it's scandal.

I think the main reason for this is that things are never really that bad - as much as people complain about petrol prices or whatever the simple fact is you can say what you want and do what you want which seems to breed an apathy towards politics.

However, it's a whole different matter when a company tries to take some traditional lollies off the market.

Earlier this week I was reading an article on stuff which said that Sparkles, Snifters and Tangy Fruits were being taken off the market due to poor sales. To start with I was horrified "HOW DARE THEY TAKE OUR LOLLIES AWAY" but then when I thought about it some more and actually considered when I had last bought any of the above (and I in fact can never remember buying tangy fruits) I kind of figured well if I'm not buying them then other can't be either so fair enough.

But apparently others do not agree with what I thought was a pretty logical stance - in fact people are all up in arms in a way they would never get about politics. In fact I saw an article on with more than 600 comments on the demise of the lollies...I have never seem an article with that many comments before.

This is typical of the sort of comment which appeared on the news article:

Very sad to see another NZ Icon disappear, due to the so called number crunching!(no pun intended) Shame on you CadburySchweppes! Instead of just scrapping out right why not ask the NZ People what they would like to see sent down the Gobbler!

I just find this really hard to understand, at the end of the day, they are just lollies!

Imagine how New Zealand would be if people became this passionate about things that actually mattered rather than just sugary treat?

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