Friday, September 26, 2008

I see that you've met my friend PAIN!

So as many of you know - I've been one of those gym types for many years now. After a few half arsed attempts at joining a gym I finally got serious about it when my friend Sue joined the Waikato Uni gym with me just after I got my first job and it was great! It meant Sue and I got to hang out everyday after work and with Sue there I always had someone to go with.

But since I moved to Wellington the gym is less fun - firstly there is no Sue - which makes it kind of boring and I haven't found a Sue replacement as she is irreplaceable!

I've been to two gym's since living in Wellington the Victoria University Gym and Sportswide on the Terrace but I think I just got to the stage where I was over it. I was still going to the gym, but I was only putting in half the effort I really should have and I felt it was kind of pointless. Just like when you're kind of sick of your job so you spend half you day looking on the Internet and going and getting cups of tea because you don't want to do real work.

But the problem for me is I'm not one of those types who can get away with no exercise - I mean I do walk everywhere seen as I can't drive but it's not really enough - I need something else!

So I decided to try vibration training - basically doing exercises on a pad that vibrates like crazy. I had my first session last night and it was NOT easy! It was extreme! But it was really fun too. I was a little anxious at first, the trainer lady had what sounded like a German accent so you all know the kind of picture that conjured up in my head. But she was firm but fair and the day after I have realised just how much I needed it - I hurt all over - but in a good way.

So next Monday morning is time for more of the vibration training - I guess it will take a few weeks to work out if it's making any significant difference but if nothing else it's totally entertaining!

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