Friday, September 26, 2008

I am a licorice allsort

So as many of you know - I do love retro and vintage styling and I also do really love dresses. So buying retro and vintage dresses is one of my most favourite things in the world.

It's also why I shouldn't get too carried away of trade me with it's bevvy of vintage pretties.

Anyways last week I picked up an absolutely amazing vintage dress on trade me for the grand total of $20 (I love how vintage seems to be so cheap here too - when I compare vintage clothes of sites overseas - they seem to be pricey).

In real life - it looks even more amazing than this photo and it's pink with white poka dots. Too cute!
So clearly this is a summer dress - but I don't let this stop me from wearing my cute summer dress now in the months of spring! Instead I worn it to work with black opaques and a black cardy.

Which prompted on of the guys to tell me I was a "licorice allsort" because I was sweet...aww...(although I think it's more likely the colour combination reminds him of the lollies but good save!).

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