Sunday, April 06, 2008

So...SURPRISE.....I am going to SHANGHAI

I usually like to keep my blog nicely ordered - making sure I blog about things as they happen. But this entry is going to muck up my order a bit - and put everything out of order - but I HAVE to share!

So nearly every kiwi knows about Air NZ grab a seat - if you are online at the right place in the right time you can pick up some crazy cheap flights...and occasionally you can pick up crazy cheap international flights.

On Thursday this week turns out they had crazy cheap flights to Shanghai - my friend Kat e-mailed a couple of people early in the day to see if anyone was keen on going with her and Fiona and I both put up our hands.

I had to admit - I was really doubtful that we would get the flights - especially for the three of us!

But then - rather amazingly - I recieved an e-mail from Kat saying she had got flights for us leaving May 12 and after making a rather nervous leave application (which was accepted - thank GOD!) I am now happy to say....I am going to Shanghai - next step is accomodation and visa's!

This is by the the most crazy thing I have done!!

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