Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Do you Swap?

Sounds like a loaded question huh? Well get your mind out of the gutter! On Craftster there is a page of threads which are "swaps" basically someone organises the swap and sets you up with a partner. You recieve an e-mail from them and they tell you their likes and dislikes and you send them an e-mail saying the same - you have a certain timeframe to craft your swap partner some goodies then you send the whole lot off on the due date.

I've been wanted to get involved in a swap for a while and finally a NZ swap turned up so I thought I'd give it a go. My swap partner was a woman in Whakatane and here are are few things I crafted for her (although I didn't take photos of everything).

This morning I recieved a fantastic parcel of swap goodies from my partner and as I have been sick over the past few days it cheered me up so much! Here's what I got:)

Firstly - I should point out I told my partner I loved skulls, Black, Red and anything super cute and girly (a strange combination I know but she seems to have hit the nail on the head with her creations!)

Firstly - here's the box that all the goodies came in. In case you're wondering my craftster screen name is Monkey Girl (maybe she ran out of the letter "i" and had to use a "u" instead? I like it anyways).

Inside the box - crafty treats galore!! This is a kilt pin with a week monkey on it - fits my screen name and the "super cute" catergory.
Some "sexy lady" incense - not sure why this was in there but it smells nice!
My favourite item a CUTE canvas with a pretty skull on it - how fantastic:)
I told my partner that I would like anything that had been crocheted - so she made me this headband and that silver thing you can see is a wee skull bead!

Next is some red & black skull earrings and a necklace too - she does reisin work so I think she made all the red & black beads herself

Some gloves with cute bows! The beads around the finger say "Rockabilly" because I told her I like Rockabilly style.
This is a wee reisin hairclip that she made - not sure if it's quite my style - I will have to think about it...but I like it.
I heard from my swap partner today and she is a tattoo artist - she told me she has been wearing the tiara around the studio but her partner is not impressed. I LOVE it!!

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Ange said...

How cool is that stuff! Yay! I like the jewellery she made you (I love earrings and necklaces etc) & the canvas and the kilt pin! And the box is awesome too :-)
The earrings you made are really cool too. I like the king ones and the diamond ones. Plus that purple flower thing is nice - I take that it's a broach??