Sunday, January 07, 2007

Christmas Adventures - Episode 2 - Cambridge

I arrived in Hamilton via bus on Friday night and stayed with the lovely Jo & Andre in their whare - it was great to see them both after such a long time - but I was so tired - mind you, that didn't stop Jo & I gossiping into the wee hours of the morning!

The next morning Jo took me out to the Hamilton Airport so we could pick up Rich and the three of us headed off to Cambridge. Jo dropped us off at the Cambrigde Hotel (a really old school pub where we were staying).

We decided to head off to the Gardens for the Stu & Ande's civil union not long after we arrived - which was lucky actually - as we went into the gardens the wrong was and we had to walk a long way before we found the rose garden where the ceremony was! But it was ok - because along the way we saw these really cool "waterfall stairs" and took some cool photo's of our lovely selves!

We finally did find the rose garden and got to see Stu and Ande as soon as we arrived which was fantastic.

The ceremony followed soon after and it was a really beautiful service - the guys had an awesome celebrant! Here's some of the pictures -

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