Monday, April 21, 2008

A day in Dunedin...

It all seems SO long ago now (I haven't been paying as much attention to my blog as I should recently) but a few weeks back I had to head to Dunedin for some work training. Which I was really excited about as I'd never been to Dunedin before, so after the two days of training I decided to stay about and see the sites and sounds of Dunedin for myself and found it to be a cute place!

The first place I visited was a clothes shop called "Fern" which was a lot like my friend Kat's old shop "Triangle" - emerging designers from all over New Zealand were stocked in this shop and I managed to pick up a very cute pink skirt with a slightly deranged bird print on it. I am hoping to send some of my jewellery down there in the not too distant future to see if they would like to stock it.

The second place I visited was the Dunedin Train Station - which is apparently - "one of the 100 places you must see before you die". I'm not sure what the other 99 places you must see before you die are. But I am losing my train (no pun intended) of thought, the train station was very cool and my favourite parts would have had to have been the stained glass window featuring a train and the mosaic on the floor and stairs. I have always liked the Wellington Train Station (from the outside at least - this inside leaves something to be desired) but the Dunedin train station is so beautiful.

Next it was a time for a general look-see around Dunedin to check out all of the old buildings. I am sure that for people from Dunedin this isn't particularly exciting, but I loved it!

Seen as Dunedin is a University town, there was a lot of cool street art around. Here's a couple of shots of some street art I snapped. I especially like the giraffe - he's too cute!

My final visit before I had to rush off and get my plane was the Otago Museum - Kat had told me about an indoor butterfly exhibition they had there. When I say indoor butterfly exhibition I mean with actual live butterflies flying about you, not some exhibition with dead butterflies behind glass. The Museum had set aside an entire room and made it into a tropical climate with appropriate plants and the like - they even had a waterfall inside and they had a whole HEAP of butterflies.

You can tell by the number of photo's taken - I really enjoyed this display! (plus how often do you get to take photo's at a Museum Display?)

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