Sunday, April 13, 2008


So this post has been a while coming - but here it is at last - tales of Rock2Wgtn. Over Easter Kat, JP, Steve and I went to the first night of the Boganfest know as Rock2Wgtn. I have never ever seen so many bogans in my life - both at the gig and in and around Wellington in general - I have to admit I am not used to seeing bogans any more.

I have to admit - my main reason for going to Rock2Wgtn was I thought it would be kinda funny. My intention was to go along, hang with friends and have a good time, my expectations weren't very high. So imagine my surprise when this turned out to be in my top 5 gigs ever.

Lordi were ok - lots of extreme costumes and extreme songs about Satan and what not. Which is what I expected really. The show was a bit like a cross between a horror movie and star trek.

The next act was Alice Cooper and it was AMAZING! I wasn't expecting too much from Alice Cooper - I only knew a few of his songs from growing up in the 80's but he turned out to be my favourite act of the night. He had a whole story to go along with his stage shows - which included a zombie baby, excellent. He had numerous costume changes and when he sang Poison - it was amazing. I think we were all filled with Rock n' Roll excitement by the end of his show.

Finally the night finished up with KISS - I have NEVER seen so much Rock n' Roll excess in my life. The big boots, the sparkly costumes, the flying fox - THE FIREWORKS! I really only knew about two KISS songs but it didn't matter too much - as they were generally awesome. Although the bit where Gene Simmonds did randomly spit out stage blood seemed a bit odd - but what do I know? I'm not a bogan.

Kat and I - Kat obviously laughing at my stoned - bogan look....

Cheesy mosh-pit moment - captured by JP

Me with Kat and Steve

What can I say.....but...."OH LORDI" (really - Kat and I did spend half of their set wondering if they were taking the piss - however - I think they are a very very serious bunch of people).

Mr Alice Cooper - he was the act of the night for me - incredible stage show!

Finally - KISS - what can I say about KISS when the photo's speak for themselves...

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