Monday, June 03, 2013

Eleven Years of awesome!

This weekend we celebrated our eleven year anniversary - wow, that's a whole lot of time. In the past we have taken a holiday for our anniversary, but this year it didn't work out so we decided to spend a day together hanging out doing fun things like going for a beach walk in Petone.

In case all you folks in the northern hemisphere were wondering - yes it is now winter and yes it is cold!

We took a walk out along the pier in Petone, which I assume is called Petone Pier?

Some naughty seagulls were trying to steal the bait from the people that were going fishing - however, the wind was so strong they were getting blown backwards!
We like this fish head thing - not sure what its actual purpose was though.

Rich waiting for me to buy some cups of teas from a cart - did I mention it was cold now?
After our walk we went for a walk around Petone and eventually had lunch at a curry place. But I thought this street art was pretty cool - we spotted the storm trooper first and then on the other side of the road we spotted...
Hans Solo!
Finally this weekend we re looking after this pretty lady - my friends cat Luca! Rich and I are actually BOTH allergic to cats but in Luca's place we can make an exception (even if it results in sneezing) as she is so adorable!
Hope you all had a super weekend :D


two squirrels said...

Oh sweet that is just lovely.......well done!!!!! Happiness is having a wonderful person to share your life with.
It looks cold to.....cup of hot tea perfect.
Are the fish heads for popping your fishing rod in???? To hold it???? Not sure.....just guessing.
Love V

Frocktasia said...

Mark and I are on our 15th year and still going strong, I love being married and being Mrs Mcletchie :) Looks like you two had a wonderful anniversary day out despite it being cold, that's one of the many benefits of being two, you can always cuddle up and keep each other warm. Your pics are lovely, I really love that swirly hand art one. Luca is adorable...xXx

Sarah Jane said...

You were just round the corner from me! BTW, that pier was called Disappointed Bridge for a wee while there

Vix said...

Happy Anniversary!
A smashing day out shared with your man, what could be better?
Love the Banksy style graffiti and Luca. xxx

Judith said...

Happy Anniversary, and many, many more ahead. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your lovely little part of the world - such a lovely spot...J

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Congrats on your anniversary. 11 years is impressive! And what good timing when you have a long weekend to celebrate. Xx

JuanitaTortilla said...

Luca's a GIRL!!! Gah! Thought it was a boy. Sorry :)

Those are nice pictures you have there. The first thought that came to mind regarding those fish head "statues" would be: they're for sticking the fishing pole? :D Just guessing.

Unknown said...

Congrats :) Wish you a lot of happiness on your way :)
Han Solo omigosh :D :D

alicia said...

happy anniversary! thank goodness rich assured you he was going places!

is it wrong that i'm jealous that it's cold there? summer is the WORST.

i wonder if that fish head is to put a fishing rod into? curiouser and curiouser!

i hope you're feeling better! <3

love youuuuuu!

Curtise said...

Happy Anniversary!
Those skies look rather stormy, don't they? Looks like a good place to visit though, love the hand mosaic and Star Wars art!
Luca is a beauty. xxxxx

Helga said...

Congrats on the 11 years! HURRAH!!!
A fine achievement. You guys have proved you can work as a team, so buying a hosue will be easy for you!
I have never been to Petone. Love the hand mosaic, and the Hans and Strom Trooper wall art is fabulous!
Be seeing you soon, lovely!

Krista said...

Happy Anniversary love!!!!! What a nice day spent celebrating. Those fish heads on the pier I think are for holding your fishing pole. I love the first picture of ya!

Louise said...

Happy anniversary! Eleven years is quite a milestone these days!!

Your photos are beautiful. I love the sea, even in Winter when it's cold and grey xx