Monday, April 15, 2013

Stuff I did this weekend - upcycling, roller derby & morning tea

Hello World! Hope you all had a good weekend - here's a few things I got up to this weekend. First of all I made a new dress.

This dress is an upcycle - I bought a vintage dress a while back because I loved the fabric. However, the dress was hideous. The body was literally two squares sewn together (not flattering) and it had a horrible cowl neck.
So much ugly in one dress - but I LOVED the fabric and I decided I must have it, and then it sat around in my sewing pile for literally months.

Here's the ugly frock reborn using my vintage maudella 5619 pattern. The blue fabrics are the remnants of some fabric that Emi gave me that I've already used to make an A-line skirt.
Unfortunately daylight savings is well and truly over here now so I had to get an indoor photo of this dress as by the time I returned home daylight was almost gone.
I actually prefer the back of this dress to the front as most of the pretty vintage fabric is on the back of the dress. The original dress pattern didn't have ties, but I felt like the frock didn't have quite as much shape as I like and I knew it would look weird with a belt. So I added some ties to give it some shape.

But the past weekend wasn't just about sewing! It was also about roller derby - I got to see my friend Jaimee skate as "Jammit Frame" for her team "Smash Malice". It was a pretty fun night, we went with our friend Andrew and then got some Mexican food afterwards. I even bought a Smash Malice tee shirt to wear to the next bout.

Finally I met up with Jaimee on Sunday for morning tea, we went to Martha's Pantry which is quite possibly the most girly cafe in Wellington. Here's a few pictures.

I love the fans - they also have some very lady like hats you can wear whilst sipping your tea (or coffee).

Hope you all have a good week xoxo


Vix said...

That dress makeover is absolute genius, you look gorgeous x

Vintage Sweetheart said...

I adore what you have done with the dress it looks fabulous!! x

Krista said...

Great re-do on the dress and I am a fan of ties on any dress:) Your weekend looks like a blast tea and roller derby such diverse fun in your interests...Love that about you!

Curtise said...

Very clever use of that great fabric, I love the two-tone dress! xxx

Camelia Crinoline said...

It looks great. I love the contrasting back and the tie. I have that table cloth that's in the last photo.

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Oh YUM I spy my favourite NZ savoury scones!!! You know cafes here don't do savoury scones. You occasionally find a muffin, but not a scone. Paul & I were just talking about it today, wishing a Kiwi would open a cafe here & serve some good savoury scones! Okay enough about the scones! Great job on the frock. I like the front, the block panel is flattering & adds an extra something to the vintage print. Xx

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great weekend. And your refashion is amazing, no wonder you rescued the dress, what a pretty print!

Monsterchen said...

how clever you are! i looove the blue in the middle, great refashioning job darling!
lots of love and kisses,mary

alicia said...

i LOVE that dress! the shape is super cute on you!

remember those awesome roller derby monster high dolls???

martha's looks like i place i need to be! in a lady-like hat of course!