Saturday, December 01, 2012

Hobbits and High Tea

Wellington has recently gone pretty much Hobbit crazy - I didn't make it to the movie premier early this week, but last Sunday I did have the chance to visit the Hobbit Artisan Markets in Waitangi Park.

It was an absolutely beautiful day and there were people everywhere enjoying a day in the sun. It was a little hard to see most of the stalls (due to so many people being there) but I did snap a photo of this pennant bunting which I absolutely loved.
 This stone dragon was also pretty rad.
Whilst we were there Weta Workshop was putting on a prosthetic/make-up display which was fascinating.
Later in the afternoon - Ria and I got together and went to a high tea that was a Christmas fundraiser for Altrusia Wellington. The High Tea was held at the Wellington Muesuem of City and Sea.
The food at the high tea was amazing - especially chocolate coated strawberries. I'm so excited that strawberries are in season, its a sure sign the summer is on the way.

Here's a photo of Ria and I after the high tea - such a beautiful day (even though it was super windy).
Hope you are all having a lovely weekend so far - I can't believe its only three weeks until I finish work for the year - this year is truly flying by!


Penny-Rose said...

High tea sounds so ladylike and lovely. The food looks yummy and for a good cause too. The Weta Workshop display sounds really interesting. Hope you are having a good weekend!

JuanitaTortilla said...

Scary how the year has flown by is definitely right!!!
The world is on a Hobbit frenzy; what a movie can do to a country's tourism...

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

You know how so many people have a sweet-tooth? Well I have a club sandwich-tooth - the sight of those glorious soft, white shapes with their delicious fillings have me drooling! The markets look fascinating and I would love to have seen the prosthetic demo! xo

Curtise said...

Can't WAIT to see The Hobbit!
That market looks fabulous, and I am loving the sound, and look, of high tea. I think I could polish all that off, no problem!
Lovely pic of you and Ria. xxx

Krista said...

Omg I would have been in Hobbit heaven I'm super excited about this one. I bet it was packed! You and Ria look beautiful and I would have loved to join you for high tea, it looks incredibly tasty!

cb said...

I cant wait to go see the hobbit, it looks so good, i loved the book and loved the lord of the rings so im sure i will love it. One of the only movies that is pretty close to the books. You high tea yummies look amazing, i love chocolate covered strawberries!

Vix said...

That high tea sounds wonderful & you and Ria look gorgeous. x

Meghan Edge said...

That hobbit thin looks super fun and you and Ria both look amazing! I would like to do a high tea sometime, but the only place I've found around here that does it is really expensive. It looks so fun!

Monsterchen said...

aaah i actually can´t wait to see the hobbit!;) i´m so jelous you have that market there!!!