Friday, December 21, 2012

Last Day of work for 2012!

Today was my last day of work for the year and it was also my last day with my current team. So today was a little bit sad for me, I am glad to have some new challenges and opportunities in 2013, but at the same time I'm sad to be leaving my current team.

I had a farewell morning tea today and we basically had the biggest cake EVER (I was able to take about half the cake home with me) and I also received the most lovely bunch of flowers from my team.
Today I wore my latest sewing creation, to be honest, I feel a little like I've lost my sewing mojo. I've made a couple of dresses lately that I've just hated - something has either gone wrong whilst I've been making the dress or when I've finished it and put it on it just didn't suit me so I haven't bothered finishing it.

I did finish this dress last night and I wasn't sure about it either - but when I wore it to work both my manager and another lady in my team both thought it was great. One of my work friends, Fiona, also said that if I didn't want it she would gladly take it off my hands so it can't be all bad right?
 Finally another outdoor photo picture - taken in front of the Korean supermarket around the corner from our house. We like to stop off here for food supplies when we miss Korea - my favourite is the this banana milk which I drank pretty much every day after I finished teaching.

Here's a close up of the fabric of the dress - I got the fabric on special and it only cost $13 for three meters.
I think if I make another wrap dress I will use fabric with a bit more stretch for a better fit - the fabric I made the dress from is cotton and I think it would fit a bit better if it had more stretch. When I thought about it after I completed the dress I realised that both the other wrap dresses I have owned have been made from stretch fabric. I guess you learn a bit more with each sewing project right?

I think in the New Year I will do a few sewing courses to get a bit more confidence and learn some new skills with my sewing. One of our local craft stores, Made on Marion, has a lot of interesting sewing courses and I think I should try a few in the New Year - perhaps starting off with the vintage 1930s capelet class.

What about you guys - any thing you're planning to do in the New Year?

Well its time to say bye for now - Rich and I are off to watch a few episodes of American Horror Story.


Penny-Rose said...

Sounds like you had a good last day, even if it is a little sad with saying farewell to some colleagues. As for your dress the fabric is really pretty pattern but I have also tried to make a wrap dress with non-stretchy material and had a similar outcome. I hope you enjoy American Horror Story - I loved it.

Vix said...

How sweet to be given a fabulous send-off! That dress is lovely, the fabric's great and the fit looks pretty perfect from where I'm standing. x

cb said...

Its good to have change, im excited for you and sooo want that wrap dress! Its so pretty and i always love how flattering wrap dresses are too, they are pretty much perfect! You are so amazing at sewing, im so jealous!
Xoxxxoxo, cb

CityScape Skybaby said...

It looks like your colleagues gave you a great leaving party Trees, and I'm always impressed by your sewing skills, that dress looks pretty fantastic to me and the material is so cute. xx

Meghan Edge said...

What a fabulous send off! (I love any story that involves cake.)

I know I told you on facebook but I LOVE that dress. You did such an awesome job and it looks SO good on you.

Curtise said...

The dress looks great!
It is sad to leave a team you like, good luck with your job move.
Happy Christmas to you and Rich! xxxx