Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Yarn Bombed!!

This rather awesome sculpture is called "Tripod" and was created by Weta Workshop (the folks responsible for the special effects in Lord of the Rings and other fancy films).

Weta Workshop is based here in Wellington (so they are making the new Hobbit films in my wee city!).Recently when I was walking past Tripod I realised that it had been yarn bombed and was now wearing a set of rather awesome legwarmers.

I guess we all have to keep warm now its winter - someone must have been thinking poor tripod was getting a wee bit cold.


Jamie said...

OMG I've never seen anything yarn bombed in real life. I kind want to bomb something ;)

Meghan Edge said...

That's some awesome yarn bombing! And how freakin' cool that the Hobbit is in your town!!!

What Sadie Did said...

Ahh so cute!! I was by there last night and totally didn't look - shame!! :)