Monday, June 13, 2011

Sydney: Day two

On the first full day in Sydney, we decided to start the day with a wee wander, checking out some of the sites around the central city. So many beautiful old buildings - I really love the architecture in Sydney.

After breakfast it was time to catch a bus and head out to Bondi Beach - although it was cool it was a beautiful day.

After our walk at the beach we bought a smoothie at a Taiwanese tea place, they had this wee cat on the counter. So cutie cutie!We had a look around a few of the stores at Bondi Beach - I really liked the artwork on this one. Especially the bats.

When we came back to the city we decided to check out the ANZAC memorial at Hyde Park.

We also had a look around Hyde Park itself and the surrounding building - SO many amazing buildings! Its not that we don't have historic buildings in NZ, its just that NZ isn't really that old and its not that heavily populated so we just don't have anything on this scale.Finally, to round off Day two we decided to head over and look at Hyde Park Barracks. The barracks have had a lot of different uses - but originally they were used to house convicts that arrived in Australia when it was still a penal colony for Britain. They had on a convicts display and it was amazing - lots of interactive geekery with touch screens. The barracks have three floors and you have access through out. There's a lot to see and take in - being a history geek of the highest level I could have spent all day here!


Unknown said...

looks like so much fun! im jealous :)
Rosie xo

cb said...

the buildings are beautiful! i am so jealous of your trip, it all sounds so nice!


Helga said...

I used to live just up the road from Bondi Beach! Gah,I haven't set foot in Bondi since I moved to NZ in 89!
Yay,keep up the pix,I'm enjoying this!! XXX

Trees said...

Rosie & CB - Thanks for your lovely comments

Helga! - Glad your pics are bringing back memories:) Bondi is an amazing place, little envious you used to live there!