Friday, June 17, 2011

Sydney - Day Three - The Blue Mountains

On our third day in Sydney we decided it was time to get out of the city and head to the Blue Mountains. We took a train ride to Katoomba, which is a couple of hours out of Sydney.

Katoomba is a pretty cute little town - I saw these cute biscuits and cupcakes in a bakery window.
Here's a cute photo of a gate at one of the backpackers in town - its made from woollen pomp pomps. We walked from town to the viewing platform for the Blue Mountains and here there are - so beautiful!

After the lookout, Rich and I headed out to Scenic World which has a few rides you can do to admire the scenery. First up for us was the steepest railway in the world! When we went on I thought I was going to lose my bag - it was SERIOUSLY Steep!!

We also did the Scenic Cableway and Scenic Skyway at Scenic World. I couldn't take any photos on the Scenic Cableway because it was too full! But here's some photos from the scenic skyway - it has some pretty amazing views.

Finally, on the way back to the train station we saw a Kookaburra!


cb said...

wow all those pictures of the echo point are just so beautiful! and i can't believe you saw a wild kookaburra! i used to work at a zoo and we had one, he was so cute!


Trees said...

We actually saw about three Kookaburra up close in the wild - which was pretty cool. We also saw a whole bunch of cockatoos hanging out in central Sydney! The Blue Mountains were amazing - just so vast! There is amazing scenery in NZ too but the scale of things in Australia is just mind blowing!! Makes you feel very small - but in a good way^^

roberto syrious said...

wow so inspiring!!
very cute blog! i'm following you hope you'll do the same if you'll like mine :)
sweet italian kisses

Syriously in Fashion

Jen :) said...

Thanks for sharing your experiences in Sydney,..I always love to see what other people think of my hometown. :) Glad you got to see some of the local wildlife too. We have kookaburras, cockatoos, rainbow lorikeets and galahs in our backyard. :)

Trees said...

I really liked Sydney - it was my first time too! Pretty strange for someone from NZ. But I had a total blast. I saw some cocktoo's whilst I was in Sydney - just hanging out on a grass verge near a road. It was pretty cool.