Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sydney - Day One

This is going to be the first of four rather picture heavy posts of our adventures over in Sydney. Last Saturday we had to get up so early we really shouldn't have bothered going to bed to catch an early morning flight from Wellington to Sydney - we arrived at Sydney before 9am and headed into the city to our airport. We had a look around Chinatown when we first arrived - however, nothing much was open as it was so early!
After wandering around a bit trying to find our bearings, I spied a ferris wheel! Rich wasn't as keen on the ferris wheel as I was so it was a solo ride - with amazing views of the city.

After my ferris wheel ride we decided to walk to Darling Harbour - I really liked this fancy fountain at Darling Harbour. Although in this photo it doesn't look much like a fountain!A few more photos from around the harbour - including some old warships you can go on board and have a look around.

Another old ship in Darling Harbour is the James Craig, its an old trade ship that spend many years submerged in the waters surrounding Hobart (the owners couldn't sell it and it just wasn't worth anything at the time so they got permission to sink it). Eventually it was "found" and restored. Its a pretty amazing old boat to look around. In its "glory" days it used to take produce from New Zealand and Australia to Europe and America.

After some afternoon tea (yah mini cupcake) we headed back into the city. It was actually our plan to head back to the hotel and have a wee nap before heading out to a show later that night. But on the way we stopped at the Queen Victoria Building. Its a beautiful old building that currently a really fancy shopping centre - I would never shop here but its fun to look around and we did actually have breakfast here one morning.

I don't think I've mentioned that we were lucky enough to be in Sydney during the Vivid Festival - which involves a whole lot of pretty lights and great shows. The show we got to see was Bat for Lashes as she was performing at the Sydney Opera House!
We also got to see a whole bunch of buildings lit up and looking pretty - including the Sydney Opera House. Heres a few night pictures of Sydney - taken from the balcony of the Opera House whilst we were waiting for the show to start.
Here's the view from our seats before the show begins - we were second row from the back. There weren't many seats left by the time we booked but we still had an amazing view.Here's some photos taken at the show itself which was AMAZING! Its one of the best shows I have seen. As well as performing her own songs with her band, she also did some covers with a string quartet - including "Lullaby" by The Cure which is one of my favourite songs by The Cure and the Bat for Lashes version was so delightfully creepy.

Our first day in Sydney is NEARLY over *PHEW* but here's a photo of me with a glow person - there was a whole bunch of them as part of the Vivid Festival.


What Sadie Did said...

Ooh I loved that fountain in Darling Harbor too - you had MUCH better weather than me!

Wasn't Vivid awesome? We didn't see a show but I can imagine it was amazing. Great pics!!

Sadie x

Helga said...

I used to work in a shop in the Queen Vic building in the 80's!
There is a great foodcourt in Chinatown,did you go??
I;ve not heard this Bat for Lashes-must check them out!

cb said...

what a wonderful trip so far! i love that old ship with the mermaid on the front, so cool! when i was in 4th grade our class spent the night on an old ship like that, we each were in a group and were assigned different ship responsibilities. i was in the rigging group so we were responsible for all the rope and tying it. it was really cool! can't wait to hear more!


Trees said...

Sadie - Yes! Vivid was so amazing! I wish I had a better camera to take some better photos of the lights.

Helga! The Building is so beautiful! We didn't end up spending any time in the foodcourt in Chinatown:( Maybe next time. I love the Chinatown in Melbourne when I went a few years ago. Do check out Bat for Lashes - shes a little bit Bjork, a little PJ Harvey and a little Ladyhawke:)

Cb -That sounds like an AMAZING school trip! I love the mermaid too:)