Wednesday, June 01, 2011

My notebook retires

Wednesday is usually outfit post day - but unfortunately, there is no outfit post today. I was feeling a wee bit sick yesterday and today and I decided I didn't want to head into work and spread my germs. So I decided to stay home and recover, which means no outfit post.

But there is something that I do want to share with you all - my notebook. Which is sadly about to retire.
I recieved this notebook from my amazingly talented friend Vany in a 13 days of Halloween swap (which we are doing again this year). Sadly the notebook is now full - well it may not have something on every single page but its just about ready to burst!

I've used it not as a craft notebook - but as a life notebook. It has craft ideas, things from exhibitions I've attended, lists, cross stitch patterns Rich has designed for me (as Vany included grid paper in the pages of the journal - because she's a clever crafty lady) and just bits and pieces of "stuff" I liked.

Here's some photos of a few of the pages in the notebook - its a rather random collection, but I love this wee book.

Above you can see a flier from an exhibition we attended at Roar! Gallery in Wellington, a list which is an intial "brain dump" of things to do in Sydney, a flier from "Roundabout" an exhibition which was at Wellington City Gallery (it was the first exhibition I went to when I returned home), a cupcake cross stitch pattern that Rich designed for me, a flier from the "Robot Museum" in Seoul (yes - they have a muesum just for robots and its AMAZING!), a sketch of what I made Rich for Valentines a couple of years ago, a flier from a Korean Art Gallery (I forget the name) that had an Robot themed exhibition (Robots are very popular in Korea!), a sketch of a vampire kitty I made for a "creepy cute" swap and finally a "brain dump" list of things to do in Tokyo. Phew! That's quite a list and its only a small selection of the contents of the notebook.

I'm now onto notebook number two and I am rather proud I managed to fill one whole notebook with my ideas in experiences, usually I just use a couple of pages and then forget all about it.


What Sadie Did said...

cute book!! you will miss all of those inspirations until your new book gets going properly :)

Hope you're better soooon!

Sadie x

Trees said...

I have started my new book but it just doesn't feel the "same" yet! I am starting to feel better - thank goodness!

Helga said...

Thank you for the perve into your notebook! I've been keeping notebooks for years,and I always hate going on to a new one! I love looking back through them,although mine aren't as comprehensive as yours! I did do a post on my current one once......can't remember when!
I love stationary.

Victoria said...

You've really inspired me to start a notebook like this, I always get a couple of pages into a notebook and then see a prettier one and buy that instead and I'm obsessed with keeping it neat rather than just scribbling down my ideas...I need to just let the ideas flow and not worry about how it looks on paper! xxx

Meghan Edge said...

Aww- that is one of my saddest feelings, retiring a notebook. And when you and your new book haven't become BFFs yet, and there are always those awkward first pages you end up covering with something because you drew something just to get it started..

I'm going to stop myself right here before I sound crazier than usual. Hope you're feeling better, doll! You're not the only one missing her outfit post for the week- sadly I've been working and didn't make mine.

Meghan Edge said...

also- I really feel the need to make you one of these.

cb said...

i hope you feel better! it is always best to stay home when you don't feel good! get lots of rest :D

i need to use my notebook more often! i love it and will pull it out to right down an idea i have :D


Trees said...

Helga! - Would love a sneak peak in your notebook:D Mine isn't that comprehensive. Sometimes I use it daily and sometimes I don't touch it for like 2 weeks! It is fun looking back on them. I enjoy the randomness of mine:D

Victoria - I know what you mean - I used to see all these beautiful journals online and became obssessed with journal perfection. Then I realised I never used my notebook! Just go for it:D

Meg - I am starting to bond with my new notebook and GAH!!! to that link! Thats AWESOME:D

Cb - Thanks I feel a lot better now. Its the change of season time and lots of people are getting sick:( I think half the challenge of having a notebook is using it - but when you get into the swing of it, its so much fun:D

ThatDamnCat said...

The look into someones notebook... How I love it. Yours remind me a lot of mine, spread around the apartment, in various bags and shelves and tables and corners and rooms and... you catch my drift. there's always one close by when needed. I can never throw them away. <3

Trees said...

CraftyKatt - I know what you mean! Mine are always a random collection of odds & ends but I love them:D