Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rich's Photo Challenge

At the moment, Rich isn't studying, so he has decided to do a 30 day photo challenge. Last Sunday I joined him on his search to find a "photo-of-the-day".

On this particular day his inspiration was the street art in the alleyway behind the Wellington Opera House. I love street art so decided to take a few photos as well.

I think my favourite is the last one - bear vs. shark! If you want to check out Rich's 30 day photo project you can find it here on his blog "Rich Made This".


Helga said...

Poop,I've been missing heaps due to being slack and then being out of town!
Katoomba shots-AWESOME!
Green hair-LOVE IT!
Yellow cardi & frock-DIVINE
Kwaii mtchbox-ADORABLE
1950's swap-looks bloody intriguing and I can't wait to see the finsihed item!!!

cb said...

oh i just love these pictures!! i love graffiti, such a fun aspect of the urban life!