Sunday, February 13, 2011

Year of the Rabbit

This morning I ventured out to Lyall Bay to visit my friend Fiona, she lives in the most fantastic little nautical house and this is her front door. I've always admired it - but today I thought I'd actually take a picture.Once of the reasons I decided to head out to Fiona's place was to visit her new pets - two rabbits. They are super cute don't you think? Fi and I spent our morning hanging out in her garden with the rabbits drinking tea and eating summer fruit. Fabulous!
In the afternoon I returned to town to watch the Chinese New Years parade with Rich and our friend Nankz. The parade was much smaller than I remeber it being other years but it was still pretty great - I really love Chinese Dragons and Lions and the Chinese Opera Costumes. The smaller Chinese Lions were being fed lettuce - I am not sure what the significance of this is but if anyone out there knows please tell me. It's so intriguing.


Jamie said...

OMG those bunnies are SO cute!! Thank you so much for posting these pictures of the New Years parade. My mother loves Chinese dragons, the costumes are so elaborate and beautiful!

Trees said...

Thanks for the lovely comment - I loves these costumes too. My favourites are the Chinese Opera Costumes. I didn't even know we had a Chinese Operatic Society in my city!