Tuesday, March 18, 2014

50 Years of Dr Who Exhibition

I've been AWOL for a while - some of our friends got married in the Coromandel so Rich and I have been away for a while. The Coromandel is quite a distance from Wellington and the weather is a whole lot better than here so we decided to stay for a few days. I will write a post about our beach adventures soon, but today I thought I'd share some photos of the Doctor Who exhibition we have happening in Wellington right now.
Fun fact - I've watch Doctor Who for pretty much as far back as I can remember! Episodes used to always show after school (just before the news) and I clearly remember watching the third, fourth and fifth doctor - but the fourth doctor was always and will always be my favourite. 
I'm going to be straight up with you guys, I think the main reason I liked Dr Who so much growing up was the monsters. I do like monsters and creepy things a lot. I remember one of my friends once telling me he used to hide behind the couch whenever there were daleks on screen, I'm pretty sure I moved closer to the screen when the daleks and other associated monsters turned up.

I'm pretending to be scared by the cyber man - but its totally a lie - I freaking love cyber men!

The exhibition had quite a few costumes on display that were non-monster related (although as we have already established, monsters are the best part). 
 The fifth doctors hat and celery (I never really 'got' the whole thing with the celery!).
 The costume that Kylie Minogue wore in the Christmas Episode she guest starred in (Kylie really is tiny!)
 The fourth doctors scarf - my favourite!

The costumes of the tenth and eleventh doctors - bow ties are cool! 

The exhibition also had a tardis - for reasons that should be obvious to everyone. 

Overall the exhibition is on the small side, but it is still totally awesome - how often do you get to have a photo op with the tardis, a dalek an a cyber man? If you're in Wellington you should check it out for sure - it will be fun, I promise! Best of all the exhibition is FREE! (my favourite price).


Krista said...

What a fun way to spead an afternoon. I know nothing about the show, I know how lame, but it's all the rage here too.
Glad you and Rich are having fun together!

Curtise said...

Well, if it's free, it would be rude not to go! I'm no Doctor Who super fan by any means, but I've enjoyed the later series with the kids. Looks like you had fun! xxx

Vix said...

Tom Baker's scarf is probably the last time I watched it! Looks like you loved the Dr Who exhibition though! xxx

Vix said...

Tom Baker's scarf is probably the last time I watched it! Looks like you loved the Dr Who exhibition though! xxx

Monsterchen said...

i honestly never watched dr. who, but the exhibition seems fun and also i´m a lot like you i loooove creepy things, monsters, zombies, skeletons, mummys haha

Helga said...

O, the Coromandel is soooo gorgeous! I've only had a peek, dammit. Would love to spend more time there.
I'd love to see a Dr Who exhibition! I'm not a huge fan, but have always enjoyed it. When I did watch it regularly, it was Tom Baker, and the one after. XXX

Johanna said...

Cool post! I really liked your pics. I hope I make it to the exhibition :)

Melanie said...

I love Doctor Who, Tom Baker is so iconic and is my favourite of the old order. I really liked Matt Smith's Doctor too, he had a playfulness but a wisdom lurking beneath the surface which I loved. Can't wait to see Peter Capaldi.

Penny-Rose said...

I grew up with Tom Baker as my Dr Who and when I was very young even met him at Debenhams and he signed a book for me. Love the pic of you with the cyberman.

alicia said...

i love exhibitions - especially FREE ones! you and rich are the cutest. <3