Saturday, March 20, 2010

One time....Conor & Sue came to our house....and it was awesome

Last week our old friends Conor and Sue came to visit us on their way to New Zealand and Australia, it was so good to see them after so long and show them around Uijeongbu and Seoul. Unfortunately because there are classes at the moment we couldn't get any time off school but that's fine as we still had plenty of time to hang out together.

Here's some of the stuff we did around Uijeongbu and Seoul.

1. Dinner with some of the good friends we have made in Korea - Joseph and Valerie.

2. Luxury Norebang in Uijeongbu

3. Then, despite me telling Conor the weather had been getting much warmer, it snowed again!

4. Buddhist Temple Food and Performance (with audience participation from Rich and Conor) at Sanchon in Insadong.

5. Drinks at Jongno Tower - with amazing views of Seoul

6. Drinks and dessert at the super girly Ann House Cafe in Uijeongbu

7. Traditional Palace Food at Korea House in Seoul

8. Norebang in Myeongdong

9. Posing with Pierce Brosnan in Myeongdong.
10. Making crazy stickers in Myeongdong

11. Time for Conor to catch up on his arcade car games.12. Visit to Samcheong-Dong13. Visiting the Ice Gallery in Samcheong Dong

14. Rice Cakes in Insadong

It was the most fun and tiring week I think I have had in Korea but it was so worth it! I hope we can visit Conor and Sue in London soon so they can show us the sites.


Anonymous said...

Yeah. Conor and Sue Rock!! Thanks for looking after us :)

Trees said...

You can stay again anytime - anonymous Sue & Conor! ;)