Saturday, March 06, 2010

Super Girly Italian Food

In Korea, Italian food is really popular, much more popular than it is in New Zealand. Korean's seem to really love pizza and pasta which is great for us - because when we need a break from kimchi and rice we can always rely on Italian places for western style food.

Our city Uijeongbu seems to have quite a few Italian places, but the strange thing is a lot of them seem to have super girly decor. I guess this is because they are the kinds of places couples or groups of girls would go for dinner. But I have to admit the girly-ness at these places is really off the scale. Usually the restaurant will have an area decorated in a pastel shade of pink, purple, yellow, blue or pink - each of these areas will have a number of super girly nick naks which usually include everything from small pot plants to cutesy little ceramic animals.

I quite like these places as the food is great and the decor is amusing to say the least - the restaurant owners obviously go to a lot of effort to perfect the super girly look.

Last Monday night Rich and I went to our favourite super girly restaurant before meeting a friend for coffee and here are some of the photos - the food was great and the added bonus about this place is that we always get free cake.


passport in my pocket said...

those booths are so cute! love the brick accents.

Will said...

Enjoying your blog. I've been living in Uijeongbu since January and it's a great city- not too big, not too small. Where is the italian restaurant you went to?
Thanks! Will

Trees said...

Hi Will - great to hear from someone else in Uijeongbu! It's a little hard to describe where the restaurant is - as you know road names are few and far between. But if you head to the newer part of the town, it's near the open market. It's also upstairs :) There are a lot of these places in this area so if you don't find this exact one you'll find another one I am sure.