Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Extracurricular Class

This year at my school I'm teaching 5th grade again, it took the school a while to actually confirm I was teaching 5th grade though but I thought it was always going to happen.

I am also teaching extracurricular English for six hours each week, this class consists of 20 high level 5th grade students - mostly boys so the class is a little bit rowdy.

I have to teach them writing, listening and speaking and also grammar! I hate grammar and I hate teaching grammar but they seem to love it - I guess maybe it adds a little bit of logic (if there is any at all) to the English language.

As part of my class the students have to write an English language diary and give this to me once a week for marking, I get some pretty random things in these diaries, but this week I got one that said something that made me really smile - "I like my English teacher very much. She is intelligent and open-minded. She always tries to give me help and I am thankful for her kindness." I though it was pretty sweet and her English was really good as well!

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