Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mail, mail and more mail

It's been another bad week health wise, my nasty bug still hasn't left (although the doctor thinks he has now found the cause and changed my antibiotics) but I did recieve lots of mail.

I recieved a get well package from my friend Dani with all sorts of cute things, I also recieved an awesome Easter package from my Mum with SO MANY Easter eggs. We won't be short on Easter Eggs this year! Mum also sent some milo, but the package kind of exploded in transit, but plenty of milo was salvagable. It just meant I had a package of milo coated items.

I also recieved a package from my friend Jess, as we arranged a while back to do a Valentine's Day/Easter swap. I feel a little bad though as I was suppose to send her an Easter package on 19 March but I have been sick for two weeks and haven't posted her package, but it will be in the post tommorrow as I am finally feeling better.

Jess sent me some cool things like the Easter Egg decorations above, I'm going to put them on my desk this coming week as I plan on teaching the children about Easter traditions.

I also recieved a very cute tiny cupcake from Jess, it looks good enough to eat but a piece of paper that was with the cupcake told me I shouldn't eat it - but it looks very tasty.
She also sent me this cute candy Easter Egg painting kit, it's for children but I don't care! I'm going to be painting my own Easter Eggs next weekend and I'm sure Rich will join me. However, not all of my packages made it to Korea from New Zealand unscathed - he's some Easter Chick and Easter Bunny carnage. Rich did make a heroic effort to revive the Easter Chicks but alias it was too late for them - poor souls.
Thanks to everyone for thinking of me and Happy Easter!

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