Saturday, March 06, 2010

Films 14, 15 & 16

Here's a few more films I've seen recently to add to my total for 110 films for 2010.

First up is a classic Hammer Film - "Frankenstein must be destroyed". I love Peter Cushing and I love old school Hammer films like this one - Cushing plays the deranged Dr Frankenstein who blackmails a young couple to get what he wants whilst he works towards his ultimate goal of transplanting a brain from one body to another. It's creepy cool.

The second film I watched was "The man who shot Liberty Valance". It's no secret that I generally don't like western films but this is one of the great classics so I thought I'd watch it and see how it was and it is pretty amazing, the story has really stood up over time and the characters were really amazing. I really loved this film - strange but true! I saw both these films at a film festival at cinemateque - one of my favourite cinema's in the whole world! Our friend Joseph introduced us to cinemateque and keeps us up to date with all the amazing film festivals they have - it's so great to see old classics on the big screen.

The third movie I watched wasn't quite in the same league as the other two but I have a soft spot for b-grade horror films - especially when they star Robert Englund.

The movie basically involved a whole bunch of genetically engineered super wasps that invade small town America, as always, the poster is much more awesome than the actual movie.

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