Friday, April 02, 2010

Easter Time

It's Easter time in Korea and although a lot of Korean people are christian, Easter isn't a public holiday so no glorious four day weekend for us like there has been in the past.

But that's ok because friends and family (namely my Mum and Jess) sent us plenty of Easter treats and I found this really cute bunny video on you tube today whilst looking for video clips for a class about pets.

It's also good to know that after a very long cold and snowy winter that spring is on the way and it's nearly time to put my big winter jacket away!

Rich and I are even heading to a cherry blossom festival this weekend with Dani in Jinhae - it is five hours away by train. It's going to be a big day trip so fingers crossed the blossom's are worth it.
Happy Easter to everyone back home - enjoy your cadbury cream eggs and your long weekend!

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