Sunday, May 17, 2009

Horror Swap - My Creations

So if you follow my blog you'll know a while back I posted about the items I had received in a horror swap.

Well my partner has now received the items I made for her so I thought I'd post some pictures on here. I crafted quite a lot of stuff for her but then making creepy horror themed stuff kind of comes naturally to me.

So here's what I made, firstly, an "artwork" for her house - made from a photo frame, paint, glitter, plastic skull hands, charms.
Next up is a couple of "altered" dolls - I made one of these last year for a Halloween party and thought this was the perfect chance to have another go at it. This time I made a Mummy Doll and a Zombie Doll.

Next up some wine charm made from vintage witch and devil charms.I also made a set of note cards from shiny metallic cardboard and a set of Hammer Horror trading cards which I bought from trade me - I don't usually do many paper crafts so I was pretty happy with the way these came out.
The final item I made was a jewelery box filled with horror themed items - the box itself I bought from the salvation army store (and yes it is shaped like a book), I then did a lot of work to make it looked "horror" themed and then I filled it up with Jewelery items I made myself.

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Ange said...

Man that is is super cool stuff. I like pretty much everything as always, but I LOVE axe earrings :-) Mwhahahaha!