Tuesday, May 19, 2009

In Search of a Visa to South Korea

Now Rich and I have decided we will move to South Korea (still working on an actual job - but I am sure that will happen soon!) there is so much we have to do! Like dealing with our "stuff", visiting the travel doctor for vaccinations and having interviews with prospective employers.

But one thing I didn't think about too much when starting down this path was the fact that I would need a visa, I've applied for a visa once before, but that was for my trip to China and it wasn't too difficult as we were only going to be there for about a week.

Seen as we want to spend a whole year in South Korea the Government (understandably) requires a lot more information from us. But happily I think we are nearly there - I have arranged to see a notary public on Thursday and he will notorise our degrees (we can then arrange for them to be apostilled), we are still awaiting our criminal records from the Ministry of Justice but we should have these soon and we also need some passport sized photos but everything else on the visa front is under control! Phew!

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