Friday, November 21, 2008

They are here!! Finally!!

There was much excitement to be had when I came home from work yesterday, as I found on the doorstep a big package all the way from the USA containing my new derby skates with flames up the side!

They are very exciting - I wore them for the rest of the evening - despite our flat being almost entirely carpeted and tiny with no flat outdoor area. But it was still great just to wear them and get used to some "real" derby skates rather than the manky, been worn by about 2 million other people hire skates.

I can't wait to head out to the Upper Hutt skating rink tomorrow and try these babies out - I've been told they will be much much faster though so I will have to work on those "dodging small children who think they can skate but really can't skills".


Ange said...

That is definitely a skill worth working on. I smashed out my front teeth ice skating when I was 14, trying to dodge a stupid little kid who suddenly cut in front of me. I fell over, smashed my face on the ice, blacked out and got taken to hospital in an ambulance. And I even left a lovely pool of blood on the ice that they couldn't get out for a while :-) te he he. And since then I have pretty much lived at the dentist with problem after problem with teeth.
Grrr to small child bullets ;-)

Enjoy your new skates :-) Very exciting!!

Trees said...

Ange - that's so traumatic!! You poor thing...Maybe I should get a mouth guard for the rink!