Sunday, November 02, 2008

Crafty Foxes Swap Number two! Bag Swap!

Last Wednesday night my craft group had our second ever craft swap - basic premise being you make a whole bunch of stuff for your partner and then you swap over and everyone receives a stash of crafty goodness.

My partner this time was Grace and here's the crafty goodies that I made for her...

Firstly a hat which I made from an old jersey - looks a lot cooler on than in this picture!

The actual bag was made from two old t-shirts - it didn't turn out as well as I hope - the sewing machine ate the fabric a lot when I was sewing it!

Monster made from bits & pieces of scrap fabric I have - I think that Grace may have named him Fabio.

Just some earrings from gumball charms and barbie shoes - my signature craft!

A "Jar of Whimsies" for future craft inspiration - some beads, charms and other odds and ends I thought could be useful in projects.

Another one of my signature crafts - a flower brooch made from recycled stockings (stockings with ladders in them).
A skull jewellery set - skull earrings and a skull and star necklace. I have hundreds of the skull charms as my mum bought back a huge bag from a recent trip to Australia.

I also customised a deck of cards into 52 reasons Craft rocks! Here's a few of the cards:

I received my swap stash from Hiliare - here's my stash. Some tasty treats - some hokey pokey and green fudge!

A USB stick with all sorts of creepy and Halloween music on it.
Hair ties with lots of ribbons attached for when I get good enough to actually play derby!

A fantastic little purse made over from the leftover ties...

Used for making most amazing handbag ever!

Later on in the evening - Hiliare, Iris and I also decided to carve some's the results.

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