Monday, November 03, 2008

Latest Earring Creations

So here's a few pairs of earrings I've made with some charms I recently got sent over from the states.

Firstly the "Hamburger" earrings - they actually look a whole lot more like hamburgers when you see them in "real life"
Watering can earrings - these are so tiny but would be great for someone who loves to garden.

Toothpaste earrings - they are cute - but also remind you to brush twice a day and go to the dentist.

Shaker earrings with die inside - good for a casino night or just because they are SO darn cute!

Tiny Pepsi cans! I'm not a fan of the fizzy stuff myself (of any description) but there's something about tiny things which make them adorable.

This photo is a bit dark but there's a little dog in the kennel and it says "in the doghouse" above.

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