Monday, November 24, 2008

Jess' Birthday Stash

My friend Jess' birthday was a little while ago now, but today was the day a group of us went out to celebrate with lunch.

It was also time to hand over her long awaiting presents - two of Jess' greatest loves in life are the colour purple and earrings. Given my jewellery making ability I thought I would feed her obsession for both in her birthday present. Please forgive the blurry photo of the can looking earrings! They are a pair of Doctor Pepper earrings - sometimes my camera isn't so good at taking photos of small things.

I also made some rather cool boxes for Jess' birthday stash. I learnt how to make both types of boxes at the recent Craft 2.0 workshop I attended and all of the boxes are made from old record covers. Recycling is awesome!

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