Sunday, March 29, 2015

Ghostie Derby Dress

Here's the thing about moving house when you've lived in fully furnished (down to the cups and knives and forks) apartments for over four years - it takes a million years to get organised! There's multiple trips to furniture stores (both new and used), and of course, Briscoes, I basically live at Briscoes now. Trying to fit all the house stuff around my normal working and social life has meant I've not had much time for sewing and that makes me sad.

I whipped together a knit top last weekend, which is a great sleeping top but hardly blog worthy.

However, I have now finished a dress that's been a UFO (that's unfinished object) for at least a year (sometimes I just like cutting stuff out ok). I'm not 100% sure if I like this dress and if I will wear it much - but I am happy with the work I put in and how it turned out, so I'm treating it as  a win.

Some of you will know I'm a fan of Christine Haynes, I like her patterns as they aren't really fussy with a million pieces and as an inner city girl who walks everywhere I want to be comfortable. Also simple patterns mean crazy fabrics can take centre stage and I'm all about that.

Anyways back to the dress, its a really simple dress - with pockets, a collar and buttons. I had about half a metre of this cute ghostie fabric I bought at Spotlight at some point (I wish I had more, because its super awesome). I think the black fabric I just picked up at either The Fabric Store or possibly Arthur Toye when it was still open.

I was going for a kind of Wednesday Addams vibe with this dress and I think that  I was kind of successful with that. Here's a photo of the dress - taken in our courtyard (yah!) unfortunately my eyes are shut (boo!) but its a good photo of the dress anyways so I thought I'd share it.

The main body of the dress is a bit shapeless for my liking, if I make it again, I would make it with waist ties to add some more shape. However, for now a belt is taking care of giving is some shape.
The most interesting part of this frock is the collar and yoke - I used my ghostie fabric in this part of the dress. The little ghosts are so creepy cute. The collar is a bit wonky, but I can live with it, its the first time I've done anything like this so I'm sure it will improve next time round.

Finally the pockets - as all dresses are better with pockets and its even better if those pockets include ghosts.
I hope you've all been having a nice weekend, we've been pretty busy with all kinds of things including our next trip (I'm heading back to the USA!). Take Care xo


Louise said...

That dress is so cute, and it looks amazing on you! I love those little ghost pockets! xx

Vix said...

That dress is incredible, well worth taking a year to make! x

Unknown said...

Aaaw such a cute ghost dress! I love the dress on you, looks great with the belt! :)

Curtise said...

The yoke and collar are very impressive - a lovely dress! xxx

Anonymous said...

This is so very cute! Love it.