Saturday, March 08, 2008

No Country for Old Men

On Friday night Rich and I had our first movie night for a while, there seem to be SO many excellent films out at the moment (why are there so many good films out when the sun is shining? I love films but I just want to be outside!). We decided on seeing "No Country for Old Men" which is the new Cohen Brothers film which has won a ridiculous amount of awards.

Damn that's a good film - not one for the squemish though - there is a whole lot of blood and one scene I just couldn't watch.

But you should go and see it - I think we will need to see "There will be blood" next - and perhaps after than a comedy to lighten the mood.

On Saturday night we watched a DVD movie - a really good little NZ made horror called "The Ferryman" which due to money and the politics of releasing films was never released in a cinema which is a damn shame because it really should have been. I have seen much much worse films in the cinema than this little ditty. If you like horrors (the fun kind not the awful "Saw" and "Hostel" kind) you should watch it - much better than the rubbish america horrors which usually get released in the cinema.

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