Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Fish is back on the menu

So I tried - I really did try to be one of those "nothing with a face" vegetarians but as it turns out I just can't do it...I just can't seem to go without fish, when I don't eat it, I seem to get super forgetful and super tired and with everything else that's going on at the moment I can't afford to be super tired and forgetful.

So I'm back on the fish.

My main problem with eating fish was not that "fish have feelings" (although fish could quite possibly have feelings - I'm not entirely sure) but that the fishing industry is so exploitative.

So I've decided that if I must eat fish (and it seems I must because my body can't seem to function very well without a decent sort of protein and all those good oils that fish have) then I am going to try and stick to fish that is farmed (like salmon) and also fish that is caught by friends and family.

Hopefully that way I'll be able to keep my body working ok and also keep my conscience in check as well...

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