Monday, March 24, 2008

An afternoon at the Botanical Gardens

Last weekend it was a lovely afternoon on Sunday and I'd not been feeling too great for much of that day (story of my life at the moment) anyways, Ross wanted to catch up with Rich and I so we decided to meet at the (rather pricey) cafe at the Botanical Gardens.

After a catch up with Ross over the news of the week we decided that we should perhaps have a bit of a look around because for people who love to walk who live close to the gardens we really don't spend much time there.

So here's some sites around Wellington's beautiful botanical gardens....

These photos are from the herb gardens, I love herb gardens, the signs always tell you that you're not allowed to pick the herbs but I always do! They just smell so good.

This is such a crazy scupture - I'm not huge on scupture but I like this! You can even stand inside it!

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