Saturday, March 01, 2008

Misery is shutting down:(

If you don't know what Misery is then you really don't know me that well....Misery is my favourite clothing label ever! The designs are alway uber cute (I'm all about the cute) with a lot of 1950's style dresses and tops which I love!

But alas the label is shutting down so Misery can pursue a more high art career **sigh**

I went into the Illicit shop on Cuba Street on Friday (seen as Misery is part of the Illicit label) to ask what was happening with the Misery stock.....It may possibly go on sale in Wellington - however it may all get shipped up to the Auckland Misery Boutique store and go on sale there meaning us Wellington types miss out...grrr...

The woman at the Illicit store did assure me that they are going to introduce another cutesy girly label with lots of pretty dresses and the like to fill the gap left by Misery....

But it just won't be the same! :(

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