Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Jo and Chris' Wedding

Last weekend was another weekend away for Rich and I - we spent pretty much 24 hours in New Plymouth for Jo and Chris' wedding.

Unfortunatly the weather didn't put on much of a show - the ceremony was originally meant to outsider, but it rained and rained and rained so the ceremony was moved inside.

We still had a great time though - and met a lot of Jo's lovely nanny friends (including one that lived on the same road as Rich and I and she said she could have easily given us a lift to New Plymouth **sigh** how come you only find these things out later on!).

Anyways - Jo looked really beautiful - but unfortunatly the venue was a wee bit dark due to the bad weather and my wee camera really couldn't handle (I seriously need to update my camera this year!) But I did manage to get a handful of good pictures....

Luckily whilst in New Plymouth we were able to stay with my friend Carolyn, which was good as it cut down the costs of going to the wedding a bit - was also good to stay in a bed you knew was comfy and catch up with Carolyn as well whilst we were up in New Plymouth.
We also got to catch up with my little bro Jake and my mum for brunch but unfortuanatly not my dad - due to some farm drama's which was a bit of a bummer.
Then we headed home to Wellington about lunch time - as much fun as it is to head away for the weekend - I'm hoping that I can stay at home for the next few weeks, as I am a bit "over" travelling. But I think I may have another work trip coming up shortly....

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