Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Here's something I thought I'd never say - The Simpsons Movie is totally lame

I am a Simpson's uber nerd - just ask Rich - he'll tell you that I can watch an episode of the Simpsons 10 times over and never get bored of it. In fact - if he didn't drag me away from the TV I could watch 10 episodes of The Simpsons I had seen 10 times before and not get bored.

I start far too many sentences with "that's just like that time on The Simpson's when..."

I'm not a big TV fan - I've never seen an episode of Desperate Housewives, Grey's anatomy or whatever the hell else all the cool kids are watching, but I know what I like and I like the Simpsons (oh yes I also like Dr Who - especially the new Dr - but we can talk about him another time).

When I heard there was going to be a Simpson's movie I was SO friggin excited - it has been a long time coming - and there was a slight bit of fear that it may be total pants but I figured if they could keep the Simpsons going for 10 years or however long it's been and still keep it funny then the movie would have to be funny - right?

Wrong! My first major gripe is the digital stuff - I'm a child of the 80's - when it comes to animation I like mine lo-fi. The lo-fi animation is one of the reasons I loved The Simpsons so much!

The next thing is they tried to put in just too much! There were too many lame story lines (like Lisa's love interest being the son of an Irish musician but not Bono).

Plus there wasn't nearly enough of Moe or Apu!! But a fair wack of comic book guy?

Hummm....maybe I have actually become a little like comic book guy myself in writing this blog?

But I do have to say one thing was pure Simpson's genuis - two words - Spider Pig.

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