Wednesday, August 29, 2007

knit one, purl two, knit one, purl two

My crafty geeky-ness knows no bounds - I've recently added two new crafts to my life!

The first is embriodery! I've admired "Sublime Stitching" online for some time now - I was even signed up for Sublime stitching classes - but then never ended up going along. But one Friday night recently Kat and I were walking home, talking and having a nose in various shops and we came across "sublime stitching" patterns. Kat decided to buy a pattern and I thought - well bollocks I'm finally going to give this a go (I figured if Kat was doing it as well I could always call on her for help if it all went a bit "pear shaped").

As it turns out - basic embriodery is crazy easy! I'm partway through a skull pattern (after all - what else would I embrioder) - only problem is - I was making my "skully" in bright pink. I ran out of bright pink embriodery floss - I tried to get more at Goldings last weekend but they were all out which means it's time for the major trek out to Spotlight before I can finish skully *sigh*

I have also learned the "joy of knitting" - I've been inspired by my friend Karyn to knit for sometime as she's the most amazing knitter and makes the coolest things.

I knew another friend Jaimee was also wanting to get her knit on so on Saturday the two of us headed to knit world. I have to say that the people at knit world are absolutely lovely!

This fantastic man with all the patience in the world taught Jaimee and I to cast on, and knit and purl! He was so fantastic!

He also said if we need any help with anything knitting related to come down to knit world and someone will help us out.

So I am now in the rather early stages of knitting myself a "skinny" pink scarf, after that I shall knit a chunky scarf for Rich.

I've also bought a fantastic book called "stitch and bitch" - with very funky patterns - Karyn is also going to give me some skull related patterns.


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