Friday, August 10, 2007

Thank God it's FRIDAY!

It's been such a LONG week with work being pretty thin on the ground - one of those weeks where you take ages to do every little thing because you're not sure where the next piece of work is coming from *sigh* It gets very boring!

On Wednesday night I drowned my sorrows by having a few drinks with some of the girls after work - original plan was to go to the General Practitioner but it was packed and we couldn't find a table for 5! So went went to this place in Wellington that has had a million different names - I can't even remember what it's called at the moment - but I remember at one stage it was Spice Island? Anyways that was pretty cool - much wine and gossip and giggles.

Last night was belly dance class - which was cool - got to the stage where we pretty much dance now. I still don't think I am any good but it's fun and it's extra fitness which is all good:) Plus lots of really cool chicks there to hang out with which make all the difference!

Rich's parents also arrived last night for a few days which is cool - tonight we're all off to dinner out and a Bob Dylan tribute gig at Happy. Should be fun:)

Also yesterday I bought that 80's fashion favourite - legwarmers - now the question remains....will I actually wear them or was I just nostalgic?

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