Sunday, August 05, 2007

Time for an update....

I've very aware it's been a while since I updated my blog so here's a bit of what I've been up to lately!

Last Wednesday I caught up with Celia and Simon for the first time since they got back from their honeymoon - we picked up some cheap and choice asian food in town and had a gossip about the trip and what had been happening here. Sounds like they had a wicked trip - especially New York - I'd love to see New York.

After dinner with Celia and Simon I met up with Rich and embarked upon what was to become a David Lynch odessy! I like David Lynch as a director - not as much as Rich but I do think his flims are cool...but his latest film "Inland Empire" which was showing at the film festival was just SO SO went for about 40 minutes too long...I got to the stage where I was thinking "maybe this will never end?". It was after midnight by the time we left the city, and whilst that may not be too late for some of you - when you get up at half five to go to the gym like I do it's a killer!!

On Thursday after work I went to bellydance as per usual - but didn't do much else - apart from having an early night to prepare me for Friday night film festival films.

Friday night I meet Rich after work and we headed off and had some yummy Korea food for dinner - I love asian food much food for so little pingers and it's always healthy with lots of vege's.

Anyways - after dinner and a hot drink Rich and I embarked on a night of Japanese Horror by watching "Deathnote" and "Deathnote 2" - these films were awesome and it was totally worth seeing them together. I'd never been to a "double feature" before so that was exciting in itself and I have to say I love Japanese always seems to have just the right level of craziness:)

We had to get up reasonably early on Saturday morning as we had a table at "Aro Valley Markets". Whilst the sales at the markets weren't so flash - it was quite a cool day. Just hanging out near the park and people watching and seeing what other people had to sell. It seems that food was the big seller on the day - so I think next time we shall have to take some fudge or some other baking to help us make a few more pingers on the stall.

During the course of the market though I did buy some poi off one of the other stall holders and she's going to give me some lessons on how to use them. So I am pretty excited about that - always fun to learn new party tricks and I though practicing poi had got to be good for your upper arm muscles?

Last night Rich and I headed out to Ange and Brendon's for the evening for Midwinter Christmas and had a great night - it was almost like being at your parents with the beautiful table set up, snuggly warm house and beautiful food. We all contributed to the food and it was fantastic!!

After the eating had finnished the guys went and started to watch "Black Hawk Down" so Ange came out with the Marjong board - I'd never played this before but Jacqui showed us the ropes. I'm not hugely into games but this was actually quite fun - even though I'm not quite sure that I have the hang of it yet!

Today has been a bit of a quiet day - but I think we needed it - just tidied up our flat (got a bit messy with all that movie watching and not being home much!) and hung out at home. Also finally got a WHOLE BUNCH of washing done as it was the first fine and sunny day in FOREVER!

Anyhose - that's me for the last few days! Best get cooking dinner before The Simpsons starts:)

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Anonymous said...

Me love Asian food too! Unfortunately it all has soy sauce in it, and most of those have wheat in them. Anyway, good to see The Simpsons takes priority!