Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Every vote makes a difference!

Well this isn't about anything deeply political - but it damn well deserves your vote anyways!

In a world that is obsessed with the whole "Idol" thing, (in case you don't know - it's the website containing all that's worthwhile in NZ news, if you're a kiwi and don't know about stuff you clearly don't have an office job where you can waste your time reading the latest crap story about Britney, Linsey or Paris) has launched "Blog Idol".

Basic premise is that the good folk at Stuff have chosen 10 finalists for "Blog Idol" - the finalists will get voted off one by one (well at least the person with the least votes at the end of the day gets the boot) until only one "blog idol" remains. The prize? Their own column in stuff for the next year.

You may be asking yourself - why the hell do I care so much about this? Well I am no blog idol myself - however - one of my best friends in the world ever Carolyn is! She is writing a blog about the perils of dating, love and life in the Naki and has already gotten through to the final 8! You go girl!

So this all brings me back to the title of this entry - "every vote makes a difference!"

Please vote for Carolyn - not just because I implore you too - but because she's actually a bloody good writer!

Anyways - here's the voting link - tell your friends and keep the dream alive!

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