Monday, April 23, 2007

Turkish Delight Night

Last night was my first Turkish Delight Night - what is Turkish Delight Night you may well ask?

Well it's an evening that's going to be held once every 6 weeks at the bellydance studio I go to - basically it's a night of performance, dancing and Turkish Delight (and damn good Turkish Delight too!).

So last night Rich and I headed over to the bellydance studio to go to Turkish delight night - Fiona came along too given that she's a bellydancer of some significant talent (unlike me - but hey we all have to start somewhere!).

The performances were all amazing - in particular I loved the Samba dancing, the bollywood/bellydance fusion and the tribal bellydancers that had the most incredible costumes I've ever seen.

It was fantastic to see so many great dancers - I think it's a really good idea to have these performance nights once every 6 weeks as it will give me something to aspire too.

After the performances there was some dancing with a middle eastern band providing the music - I was pretty nervous about dancing to begin with - but then I found a few of the girls from my beginners class and I felt much more comfortable dancing with girls whose skill level was about the same as mine.

So Turkish Delight night was awesome - much fun dancing, beautiful sparkly costumes and yummy turkish delight!

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